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ywpd 69- color palette

hwaaaaaaah… i’m so behind uploading things….

ywpd 69- Harry Potter Au

Completely un-art related (which im sorry ive been slow i’ll upload some tonight!! ) but i just opened up a cosplay blog if any of you are interested in that! I recently did a toudou cosplay and im gonna be uploading that tonight~

w eeps

i haven’t even started the wings and im already tired jfc

when is someone gonna take my tablet away from me.

ywpd 69min- jewelry

what do you mean i’m capable of drawing promising wips….

ywpd 69min- wet shirt

haven’t posted anything in a while so heres a quick toudou log;;;

He deserves so much more than he gets…


ywpd 69- Flowers

because according to teratomass and awkwardpandahat, this needed to be a thing….

Name: Kimi Wakahisa

Age: 23

Height: 165cm

Likes: Hydrangeas, black tea, pink, anything cute or frilly tbh, autumn,

Dislikes: Cooking, finances, anything dirty, summer, oranges/citrus, loud music, roller coasters

Personality: One of those people that can completely change the atmosphere when she walks in a room. Very expressive and always looking cheerful, even when she’s not, since she fears it will upset others to see her any other way. A big dreamer, has her goals all planned out and isn’t easily stopped from achieving them. Very light hearted, but can turn serious on a dime when she lets her guard down. Likes spending  time alone to gather her thoughts, but also has the need to be around a lot of people constantly.